Soledad Miranda

This gallery contains all sorts of Soledad Miranda art made by fans, from original paintings to digital artwork. If you have any Soledad art you would like to contribute, please contact me! In addition to the fan art, there is a Soledad-inspired music video by Memo. Click here to see Memo's video (navigate to Videos, then "Ecstasy") - more information is on the Tributes page.

Notes on the Artists

&bull Richard Arthur is a San Diego, California-based artist who creates huge, psychedelic, pop-culture paintings. For more, visit
&bull Acherontia Atropos are two artists who work together in Athens, Greece. Acherontia Atropos create traditional art with contemporary ideals and take their inspiration from Nature, Magick, Love, Sex, and Death... "We are great fans of the Beautiful Soledad Miranda, and decided it was the right time to Honour her by painting a portrait of her... We would be delighted and honoured if our painting of Soledad could be featured on your Fan Art page!" For more, visit
&bull Javier González is a Madrid, Spain-based illustrator and graphic designer. For more, visit The Dead Walk!
&bull Johnny Ramos is a Filipino-Latin-American artist living in Bakersfield, California, who draws on a variety of influences (like 60's French Pop fashion and 70's B-Exploitation flicks) to inspire and create his artistic works. "The astonishing beauty of actress Soledad Miranda has profoundly influenced my art, my life, and in the way that I view the world. From the first time that I saw her in Jesús Franco's Vampyros Lesbos, I knew that I was witnessing extraordinary beauty on the screen. Her elegant movement, large brown eyes, long straight hair, and slender body were a revelation for anyone that appreciates the wonderful collision of total allure and cinema. I named one of my finest paintings after her, and her untimely passing is what I consider a supreme tragedy to modern popular culture. Soledad Miranda has been one of the greatest inspirations to ignite passion in my art, and in my own life." For more, visit Bossavova Studio.
&bull José Antonio Hernández-Diez was born in Venezuela and currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. S & M (Ella perdió un dedo), aka Soledad Miranda (She lost a nail) "is the title for a series of sculptural pieces. The works are gigantic women's fingernails, installed in different ways, sometimes together with large pieces of sandpaper. They establish a minimalist inclination in Hern√°ndez-Diez's art that nonetheless carries a wide spectrum of meanings. The title alludes to a famous Spanish B-movie actress of the 1960s and relates, both nostalgically and ironically, to stereotypes of mass media icons in South American culture." For more, visit Gering & López Gallery.

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