Soledad Miranda

Here are a synopsis, pictures, and video from Canción de cuna. For more details about this movie, click here. If you have any pictures from this movie that I don't have, please contact me!

At a Castilian convent around the end of the 19th century, a community of ordained nuns honors their Mother Superior with poetry. Then the local doctor diagnoses her with a terminal illness. A few days later a nun finds an abandoned baby girl at the doors of the convent. The doctor, despite being single, offers to adopt the baby legally and then to put her in the convent as a pupil. Mother Superior agrees and little Teresa, full of life and a joy to the community, is admitted to the congregation. The appeareance of the baby will alter the harmony between the nuns, because they will feel in themselves something which they have renounced, but which is naturally present: a maternal instinct. The girl, with her heart full of innocent joy, captures the love of the nuns. Teresa reaches her coming of age full of ingenuity, full of unparalleled beauty and absolutely devoid of any life experience. When Teresa grows up she does not feel the call of the religious vocation and she falls in love with a young man. A young engineer, arrived to study the laying of a railway, meets Teresa by chance in the garden of the convent and a romance emerges. However another woman has designs on him and he nearly breaks Teresa's heart, making her want to enter the convent where she has always lived. However the crisis is averted, and the engineer and Teresa, still madly in love, receive permission from the nuns to marry. The day of marriage and separation from the convent is bleak for the sisters, perhaps having committed a serious offense to feel more like mothers to Teresa than brides of Christ. Teresa embarks on a new direction in her life, for the engineer is going to leave for America for work, which will entail for Teresa's mothers an irrecoverable loss in their lives when she leaves.

This clip features some of Soledad's scenes from Canción de cuna. She plays Teresa and also performs several songs; click here and here to see videos of two of them. This movie can be ordered in the store.

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