Soledad Miranda

Here are a synopsis, pictures, and video from Cuatro bodas y pico. For more details about this movie, click here. If you have any pictures from this movie that I don't have, please contact me!

Don José is a writer from Madrid, the father of four beauties with boyfriends. One day, the youngest sister's boyfriend wants to marry her. She seems to be father's favorite. The other rebellious sisters force their fiancés to ask the father for marriage. He doesn't agree, because to marry four daughters at once is above his economic possibilities. A publisher entrusts him to write a novel around the rebellious, maladjusted, resentful youth. But the girls act like fools, and their father is forced to accept the proposals. This way four weddings are celebrated, with an extra "tip": the maid takes advantage of this situation to also get married. Returning from the honeymoon, each has problems. The youngest is jealous of a client of her husband, who is a dentist. The second, who has married a taxi driver, doesn't accept his hobby as an embalmer. The third lives in the house of her husband's aunt, with considerable daily conflicts, and the fourth girl is married to a journalist who works at night and sleeps all day. So sorrow by sorrow, all the girls run away and return back to the house of their father, and after a few minutes their husbands arrive too. Don José will use all of his diplomacy and his cognac to achieve the reconciliations.

This clip features some of Soledad's scenes from Cuatro bodas y pico. She plays Mari-Luci, the youngest sister; her real-life sister plays one of her sisters in this movie, under the screen name Nena Miranda. This movie can be ordered in the store.

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