Soledad Miranda

Here are a synopsis, pictures, and video from Currito de la Cruz. For more details about this movie, click here. If you have any pictures from this movie that I don't have, please contact me!

This movie tells the story of Currito, a promising young orphan bullfighter who is taken under the wing of Carmona, who is a famous bullfighter. Currito falls for Carmona's daughter Rocío, yet does not tell her. Carmona's rival, the younger bullfighter Romerita, dates Rocío and then gets her pregnant, so they run away together. After a year, Romerita, a womanizer, abandons her and the baby. Currito has always been in love with Rocío. He finds her and discovers what happened, so he helps her and she stays with some friends of his. After Currito is wounded in a bullfight, Rocío begins to show that she has feelings for him. Romerita, who has become very famous, visits him in the hospital as a publicity stunt and runs into Rocío, who confronts him. Currito, who by now also has become a famous bullfighter, finally confesses his love to Rocío. Then Currito and Carmona confront Romerita in the bullring for revenge over the seduction of Rocío. Romerita is killed after being gored by a bull, but Currito is witness to his repentance before he dies. Rocío returns home to her parents and when her father sees the sweet baby, he forgives her and they are reunited.

This clip features some of Soledad's scenes from Currito de la Cruz. She plays Rocío. Click here to see a video of Soledad singing a saeta (religious flamenco song) in this movie and here to see her flamenco dancing and another scene. This movie can be ordered in the store.

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