Soledad Miranda

This gallery contains all sorts of Soledad Miranda art made by fans, from original paintings to digital artwork. If you have any Soledad art you would like to contribute, please contact me! Notes on select artists are below the gallery. Images are labeled with the Instagram name of the artist, if available.

Notes on the Artists

 Richard Arthur is a San Diego, California-based artist who creates huge, psychedelic, pop-culture paintings.
 Fabien Marre (aka Edwood Zero) is a French artist who creates breathtaking pencil drawings of starlets from a bygone age. He says, "I chose [to draw Soledad] by feelings and I'm a fan of so called in French 'Cinema bis'. I saw Soledad for the first time in Jess Franco's movies and it was a blow of lightning at one yard broken at the same time." For more, visit Stars Portraits or Fabien Marre Dessins.
 Acherontia Atropos are two artists who work together in Athens, Greece. Acherontia Atropos create traditional art with contemporary ideals and take their inspiration from Nature, Magick, Love, Sex, and Death... "We are great fans of the Beautiful Soledad Miranda, and decided it was the right time to Honour her by painting a portrait of her... We would be delighted and honoured if our painting of Soledad could be featured on your Fan Art page!"
 Justin Coffee said "What originally led me to discover Soledad was, as with most people, the films of Jess Franco. The first film I saw featuring her was She Killed in Ecstasy and was immediately enthralled. Just her magnetic presence in those Franco films is so alluring and captivating. Doing art for a living she quickly became a muse and someone I love to draw as well. Her collaborations with Franco are by far his best and most inspired works." Coffee said of his Vampirella Soledad design, "What if in the 1970s Soledad Miranda starred in a Vampirella film directed by Jess Franco. That seems like it would have been appropriate... this is kinda a what if poster. I had a lot of fun doing this."
 Javier González is a Madrid, Spain-based illustrator and graphic designer.
 Maria Wimmer said "I love Soledad... I first discovered her when I was deep in a 1970s vampire movie phase. She had quite an amazing presence that captures my interest."
 Pure Evil is an artist in London. Though commonly labeled a street artist, Pure Evil is a prolific producer of works across many media, including stenciled spray paint, screen prints, sculpture, stained glass, ceramics, clothing, and multimedia. The work featured here was for a Saatchi Gallery exhibition called Teenage Kicks.
 Señor Mayor has an entire illustration series devoted to famous women of cinema paired with classic motorcycles. He said that Soledad "was an intuitive actress and owner of an enigmatic look that, sometimes, has young eyes when she looks with lightning bolts of old storms... Who knows if at night, like an angel or a demon, the cruel and sensual woman walks her street... Countess Nadine Carodi." (translated from the Spanish on his website)
 Davide Morpho Gorla said "'Pop Soledad' is a tribute to one of my favourite actress of the past, charming Soledad Miranda, that plays her most famous roles in Jess Franco's movies in the seventies. I think is a tribute also to the enchanting colors of that marvelous age..."
 Yam said "My Dad introduced me to cinema and I quickly grew a passion for it, and foreign cinema. I fell in love with Soledad, her haunting eyes and alluring, sultry mannerisms."
 Andrew Labanaris is a tattoo artist, and said "Vampyros Lesbos was the first I saw her in...she's a haunting beauty."
 Juana Moore is a visual artist who has created a series of Art-O-Mat portraits, including her Soledad portrait.
 Raül Ferreira said "She was great in She Killed in Ecstasy and in Eugenie. Also she has a very nice face that's why I like to draw her so much."
 Zos Kunst said "I love the mood of the Jess Franco movies and especially the ones she's in, and she has this very particular beauty obviously. I wanted to pay tribute to both her and Franco in doing in my way this visual."
 Johnny Ramos is a Filipino-Latin-American artist living in Bakersfield, California, who draws on a variety of influences (like 60's French Pop fashion and 70's B-Exploitation flicks) to inspire and create his artistic works. "The astonishing beauty of actress Soledad Miranda has profoundly influenced my art, my life, and in the way that I view the world. From the first time that I saw her in Jesús Franco's Vampyros Lesbos, I knew that I was witnessing extraordinary beauty on the screen. Her elegant movement, large brown eyes, long straight hair, and slender body were a revelation for anyone that appreciates the wonderful collision of total allure and cinema. I named one of my finest paintings after her, and her untimely passing is what I consider a supreme tragedy to modern popular culture. Soledad Miranda has been one of the greatest inspirations to ignite passion in my art, and in my own life."
 José Antonio Hernández-Diez was born in Venezuela and currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. S & M (Ella perdió un dedo), aka Soledad Miranda (She lost a nail) "is the title for a series of sculptural pieces. The works are gigantic women's fingernails, installed in different ways, sometimes together with large pieces of sandpaper. They establish a minimalist inclination in Hernández-Diez's art that nonetheless carries a wide spectrum of meanings. The title alludes to a famous Spanish B-movie actress of the 1960s and relates, both nostalgically and ironically, to stereotypes of mass media icons in South American culture."
 Artemus Pop & Eye is based in Spain and does graphic art, and says "There are plenty of actresses that interest me from all periods, but specifically from the 1960s and early 1970s. And Soledad Miranda I like mainly from her collaboration with Jess Franco (I love Vampyros Lesbos and its soundtrack). In an era so dark as Spain of the 1960s, she was something different."
 Jesus Gretzky said of his motorcycle "To be honest the story really caught me... as well as the fact that she is absolutely stunning and the picture on my gas tank is completely perfect symmetrically. The story of this woman that was gorgeous and the fact that her career could have made her timeless, and she died really mid stride. Well that image is very suiting of a death machine chopper... It just works well together."

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