Soledad Miranda

Here are a synopsis, pictures, and video from Sugar Colt. For more details about this movie, click here. If you have any pictures from this movie that I don't have, please contact me!

An army corps has mysteriously disappeared after the Civil War. They are actually hostages near a place called Snake Valley. A gunslinger, Rocco, is visited by a friend who tells him about this. But then someone shoots his friend. The man's dying wish is for Rocco to find out what happened to the army corps. Rocco goes to the town near where the soldiers are held captive, posed undercover as a doctor. The locals mock and taunt him, making his stay difficult, but he proves himself to them. Rocco starts investigating the disappearance of the soldiers. His true identity is revealed but he is able to find the soldiers and rescue them.

This clip features some of Soledad's scenes from Sugar Colt. Soledad plays Josefa, a flirtatious barmaid at the saloon hotel where Rocco stays. She falls under his charms despite her distrust for him, and later helps rescue the soldiers. On his way home, Rocco discovers that she has stowed away in his horsecart. (Her lines are dubbed; this is not her voice.) Click here to see the trailer. This movie can be ordered in the store.

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