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If you find any photos that I don't have, discover any news or articles about Soledad, DVD news, etc., please contact me.

Soledad, the Thriller?: Author Cristiana Astori let me know that she wrote a thriller about Jess Franco and Soledad Miranda called Tutto quel nero (All that is black), published in 2011 by Il Giallo Mondadori. Unfortunately it was only on newsstands for a month and back issues are sold out, but if you are interested in reading it (in Italian) please send a request for reprinting the edition to expressing your interest. Astori also hopes that some editor will read about it on this site and decide to republish it in English or Spanish... If you are interested you can find her on Facebook.

My Jess Franco Interview: I interviewed Jess Franco himself about Soledad Miranda in September 2009 at the Fantastic Fest in Austin. Click here to read the interview and all about meeting Franco.

Members Section Open!: This new section of the website has hundreds of photos and more than 150 articles about Soledad, including over 30 interviews with her! To become a member to access this precious archive, read more here.

Movies and Tributes: I have updated a lot of information on the Movies page, and added some new TV projects. I also have added several tributes to the Tributes page. Also, I found out there is a Soledad Miranda Street in Seville! Head over to the Bio page for pictures.

Surprisingly, forty years after her death, Soledad began to be known for her music apart from her acting. Her songs have been featured on various compilations and one of her songs was even played on a radio station in California! I've compiled a CD that includes the eight songs from Soledad's records, eight charming songs she sang in the movies, and a few bonus tracks. For more details and to order a copy of the CD, see the records page.

Soledad Speaks: Most of Soledad's popular movies are dubbed, so many fans have never heard her real voice and wonder what it sounds like. Others wonder how to pronounce her name. Here you go:

an MP3 of Soledad speaking Spanish (from Soltera y madre en la vida);
a precious MP3 of Soledad speaking English (from 100 Rifles);
an MP3 of Soledad's name being spoken (from Eva 63, in which she plays a character called Soledad)

Mainstream Recognition: Soledad is well-known among genre fans, but not as famous among the general public. However, she has been getting some mainstream recognition in recent years, which is really nice. I have added a number of new links to the Links page. They are to websites and blogs which in some way or another recognize or celebrate Soledad. A special honor comes from, which includes her among the 20 Hottest Girls of the 1960s! Other honors include 10 Sexiest Female Vampires of All Time, Nerd Girl of Note, Soledad Miranda Appreciation Month, Top 26 Sexiest Women in Horror, Cult Actress of the Month, and one that must be seen to be believed: a pyramid shaped cake with photo-icing showing the image of Soledad naked in the pool in Vampyros Lesbos.

Another interesting find is something called the Art-O-Mat. These are repurposed cigarette vending machines which now sell original art. One series it sells is Queens 'O Scream!, which includes a Soledad portrait. With over 90 Art-O-Mat machines located in the US, there must be some Soledad fans out there who live near one and might check it out.

Another instance of Soledad reaching the mainstream is this blast from the past... does anyone remember Alternative Nation on MTV? Apparently they aired a music video from Vampyros Lesbos (of "The Lion and the Cucumber"), which naturally features Soledad quite a bit. Does anyone remember seeing Soledad on MTV in the 1990s?

This last one is the most surprising and perhaps the most special. Apparently in August 2008 this Soledad clip was shown on a TVE program called Cine de Barrio. It's a selection of clips from some of Soledad's most popular Spanish movies, including Vampyros Lesbos and a scene from a film I've never been able to find, Las Hijas de Elena. That's mainstream recognition in her home country, where so many of the movies she's famous for worldwide (with Jess Franco) were censored!

Why Soledad Miranda? I'm not certain what it is about this exquisite beauty that so captivates me. To be sure, she has a tremendous screen presence. She was also very talented. She died right before she was about to become a big movie star. The mystique surrounding her life and death is fascinating and her performances are memorable. Once you've seen her on screen, you're not likely to ever forget her. Writers, artists, and musicians have paid tribute to her now and then, as have those who were lucky enough to know and work with her. Here, everything about Soledad, her life, and her work is compiled in one place. I have gathered every bit of information and picture I could find and shaped it into an online tribute to Soledad, the actress and the person. Hopefully my graphics will put you in a "sexadelic" state of mind... you might even want to pop your Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack in the stereo while you explore Soledad's world. I hope that the fans enjoy, and that the cult continues to grow - as it has since the beginning of this website, when it was known as Soledad Miranda: Blood Queen. Back then, Soledad's fans mostly knew her as a sexy scream queen from Jess Franco movies, so the title fit. But now, after the rediscovery of a multitude of her other talents in film, dance, and music, a renaming of the site was appropriate. The word "sublime" is present in many languages, and suggests a quality of greatness with which nothing else can be compared and which is beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement, or imitation. I think Soledad's fans agree that her physical beauty and artistic talent are truly sublime, and some fans even extend this feeling to the metaphysical and spiritual. You can see the evolution of the site in the banners below. Spread your love of Soledad by using them on the web. The new design, coincidentally, was created on Soledad's birthday.

Viva Soledad!
circa 2002
July 9, 2009

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